Disaster in a Box

4 Mar

Each time I undertake the Food Security Challenge, I always try and take some new approach or emphasis, to make it more interesting to me, and to learn something new  about the complex world of food insecurity.

This time, I am trying something very new for my final week. Instead of tackling the daily disaster of hunger, I am going to simulate what it would be like to keep nutritionally healthy during a natural disaster.

To do that I am going to survive by only eating the contents of one of the Foodbank’s disaster food boxes. This is a box-like sealed plastic tub that contains high quality freeze dried meals. You just add water and then heat. Each box contains food good for one person for an entire week.

The box also contains a disaster tool kit, featuring smoke inhalation mask, reflective blanket, first aid kit, flashlight/whistle and first aid kit.

I am going to simulate a disaster situation by not using electricity or gas, but cooking everything on a camping gas cooker and all in a single cooking pot.

How will I do? Will I turn a disaster into a crisis?

Crawl under your disaster blanket and stay tuned!

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