Freeze-Dried Erik

5 Mar


You Tube is full of inane ‘box opening’ videos, and so here is mine! I’m opening my disaster box and cooking my first meal, a hearty vegetable and chicken flavored soup.


It was like one of those old boxed dried soups that I used to eat as a child. You have to boil it for 20 minutes, but I have to say that it was extremely filling because it is loaded with lentils as as well as pasta and vegetables. Definitely sticks to your ribs.


Here is the completed meal, complete with ye olde disaster spoon. Surprisingly good.

TIP: Don’t make the whole packet at once or else you have to store what you have cooked, and in a disaster the fridge is not going to be working. One quarter of the amount and water would be enough.

Any survivor can get through Day One of a disaster, let’s see how things go later in the week!

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